Roles of the Front Office Part 1/2

The hotel’s front office department will make the first and last impression on a guest. The front desk, a major section of the front office, in most hotels are strategically located in the entrance hall, or lobby. (Thus, their name front desk.) When a guest first checks in to when the leave the hotel, they will interact with members of the front office. When a guest wants information, to reserve rooms, retrieve their vehicles, get their door keys, and pay their bills – they interact with one department, the front office.


Most front offices always have an employee present. From guest service agents, bell, concierge, night audit, and duty managers there will almost always be someone from front office available to assist. Depending on the size of the operations, reservations could fall under the front office team. There will is a separate posting (coming soon) on different reservations roles, and what their responsibilities to a hotel operation is.


The size of a hotel determines the staff present at the Front Office.  A large hospitality operation may have the Front Office Manager (FOM), Assistant Front Office Manager (AFOM), Guest Service Manager (GSM), Night Manager (NA), Guest Service Supervisors (GSS), Duty Managers (DM), Guest Service Agents (GSA), Night Audit/Night GSA, Switchboard (SWB), Rooms/Inventory Controller (RC), and Reservations Agents. Each team member plays a key role to help the hotel, guests, and fellow colleagues.


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The Hotel Industry

If you are looking to get into the hotel and lodging industry there are many options for you to consider before you start your career. You should ask yourself what you expect from the work you will be doing, and where you want to go with it. You should look at the skills you have and which areas and departments you would fit best into. Consider the size and scale of the hospitality operation, as that may change the requirements they are looking for. A small independent inn will have different prospects than a St. Regis or Oberoi. In a future post we will look at the difference between working in chain hotels to independent operations.

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